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    The filter screen shall be replaced in time for the use of fresh air fan

    The new air blower, namely the new air purification integrated machine, is an integrated machine with multi-layer filter screen structure. Now it has become the first choice for many units and families to purify air.

    The primary filter screen of the fresh air fan can filter more than 10 μ m of air pollution particles; the filter materials of the medium and high efficiency filter screens are significantly denser and tighter than the primary filter screen of the first layer, and can filter PM2.5 and smaller nanometer ultra-fine particles, the pore diameter of which is very small, playing a precise and fine filtering role in the whole air duct.

    The filter screen is the core of the fresh air system, and it is also the top priority of whether the fresh air system can play a role. At present, the air quality is not optimistic, and the high frequency of heavy pollution makes all the apertures of the filter screen gradually blocked after a certain period of use. In order to ensure the stability of indoor air quality during the use of the fresh air fan, Heyou (Guangzhou) filter material Co., Ltd. recommends that you replace the filter screen in time, so as to ensure the correct function of the whole machine and the clean and healthy air provided by the fresh air fan.

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    How to judge that the filter screen of fresh air system needs to be replaced

    1. Judge whether the filter screen needs to be replaced. If there is a prompt, check whether the filter element indicates that it needs to be replaced. However, under special weather conditions (continuous heavy rain, continuous severe pollution, etc.), the service life of the filter element will be shortened, so it is necessary to consider comprehensively the odor, air output and the use time shown in the manual. If it is not replaced in time, the fresh air will have small air volume, large noise, even fan damage. What's more, it will not protect our respiratory health.

     2. Outlet air volume: when the fresh air system is used for a certain period of time, the outlet air volume will be weakened, which means that the filter screen has reached a certain adsorption saturation, so it is necessary to consider replacing the filter screen.


    What are the consequences of not replacing the strainer in time?

    1. The filter screen that reduces the purification efficiency and produces the secondary pollution blocking not only reduces the output of clean air and greatly reduces the air purification effect, but also the traditional filter element combination. Once the filter screen is saturated and not replaced in time, these pollutants intercepted by the filter screen will breed fine bacteria and viruses, which will cause the secondary pollution.

      2. Indoor pollution causes serious harm to human body. The victims of indoor air pollution are children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronic patients, especially children are more vulnerable to indoor pollution than adults.

      Children's bodies are growing, their breathing capacity is nearly 1 / 2 higher than that of adults, and they live indoors most of the time, so it is not easy to find the pollution damage, and when they find the problem, it is irreparable. In particular, long-term contact and inhalation of mold can cause respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms, such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, hay fever, asthma, etc.; people with low immunity may also cause headache, fever, inflammation of skin or mucous membrane, poisoning, or even cancer; lead to fungal pneumonia and other diseases; allergic diseases. Some toxic molds will cause serious lung diseases and even death.

      Therefore, we should pay attention to the replacement of filter screen of fresh air system.

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