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    Replace the air conditioning filter regularly to effectively prevent the transmission of new coronavirus through the air conditioning system

    Air conditioning filter is an integral part of central air conditioning. It is equivalent to the mask people wear, which can effectively absorb the impurities and bacteria in the outdoor air, and form a filter barrier before the air enters the air conditioner, so as to ensure that the air conditioner can blow clean air. Heyou (Guangzhou) filter Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with high-quality air conditioning filters to ensure that you can breathe clean and healthy air.


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       Central air conditioning is basically used in large buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. this system causes the air in each room to mix with each other, which is easy to cause the spread of bacterial viruses in various areas of the building. Related reports showed that novel coronavirus was present in the air discharged from the exhaust device, which indicated that the small droplets carrying the virus might be taken away by the airstream and accumulated on ventilation pipes and other equipment. The virus may spread through the air conditioning system or even ventilation ducts inside the building. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a safe and effective way to prevent and control the spread of new crown pneumonia.

              Novel coronavirus should be carefully protected. Heyou (Guangzhou) filter material Co., Ltd. recommends that you regularly replace and clean the air conditioning filter to prevent the spread of new coronavirus through the air conditioning system and more effectively protect your health. The primary filter is generally replaced once every 2-3 months; however, in order to protect the use of the post grade high-level filter and ensure the safe operation of the clean room, it is recommended to replace the primary filter once a month, the medium efficiency filter and the sub high efficiency filter once every 3 months, so as to ensure the service life of the high efficiency filter for more than 5 years (or even 10 years).
              High quality filter requires good filter material and more mature technology. Filter material, choose Heyou (Guangzhou) filter Co., Ltd!
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