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          HEYOU(GUANGZHOU)FILTER CO., LTD. is a company that adheres to environmental protection and science, and supplies air filter and air purification equipment for customers. We are dedicated to provide customers with airfiltration and purification equipment products with good quality and affordable price, as well as air filtration technicalservices. With stable product quality and dedicated service spirit, we have won the praise of new and old customers.
    Focus on filtration production for many years
    Focus on producing all kinds of filtration products for many years With stable products Quality, focused service spirit It's well received by new and old customers
    Applied to various industries
    Products are widely used in central air conditioning, Painting workshop, dust-free workshop, textile Chemical fiber, food industry, national defense industry Electronics, nuclear, power Industry, coal industry, etc., can meet Demand for air filtration and purification in various industries
    Good quality and favorable price
    Production conforming to the development requirements of environmental protection High service life and quality Good, good filtering effect, brand execution Filter test standard.
    Multi level quality inspection escort
    Incoming material testing, filter material selection, process Testing, precision testing, finished product testing Factory sampling inspection, visual inspection, each All products need to be tested in multiple layers
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