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    HEYOU(GUANGZHOU)FILTER CO., LTD. is a company that adheres to environmental protection and science, and supplies air filter and air purification equipment for customers. We are dedicated to provide customers with air filtration and purification equipment products with good quality and affordable price, as well as air filtration technical services. With stable and high-quality product quality and dedicated service spirit, we have won the praise of new and old customers.

    At present, the company's main products include air filter, filter cotton, filter screen, activated carbon filter series, paint filter paper and other filter materials. The products are widely used in central air conditioning, painting workshop, dust-free workshop, textile chemical fiber, food industry, national defense industry, electronic industry, nuclear energy industry, power industry, Coal industry, etc., can meet the needs of various industries to filter and purify air.

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    We adhere to the concept of sustainable development, continue to develop environmental protection filter products suitable for nature protection and sustainable development, and constantly improve technology, so as to bring technical innovation, low-cost and efficient products that meet the actual application and comply with the requirements of environmental protection and development. We firmly believe that the survival and development of enterprises can not be separated from the quality of products, only high-quality products can have lasting vitality. We will continue to innovate and forge ahead, keep improving, and bring customers satisfactory and efficient products.
    We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you. We will do our best to make it perfect day by day!
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    MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS
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